As Owner Rep / Project Manager Consultant to the Marmon Group, consult with their subsidiary corporations to develop project concepts, obtain planning entitlements, develop descriptive documents for Design / Build project delivery, bid the work and administer the construction for the following projects:


  • AMSAFE, Phoenix, AZ: three buildings (manufacturing/office, test facility incl. test sled track, explosives storage bunker) for this firm that will make a new type of airline seat belt that will contain an airbag restraint.  Work includes writing RFP for architecture services, evaluation of proposals, authoring and supervision of the design contract, solicitation and evaluation of competitive bids for construction, and contract administration and construction management of the project.                $4.6M Bids in / project on hold until Airline Industry stabilizes

  • OsteoMed Corporation, Dallas TX: 61,000 SF medical implements factory.  Firm makes titanium implements used in bone surgery, and assembles proprietary designed drills and saws for orthopedic surgery.  Facility contains a class 10,000 clean room.                                                                                                                    $3.5 M                   2002
  • Surgical Specialties Corporation, Reading, PA:  77,000 SF manufacturing plant and office facility under a design/build format.  Facility manufactures surgical needles and suture products sizing from those asseembled under a microscope to heavy guage used on horses.                                                                           $4.6 M                   2000

  • Precision Weaving, Inc, Piedmont SC: 78,000 SF manufacturing plant and office facility under a design/build format.    The company weaves polyester fiber into webbing and straps and supplies seat belt material to major airlines and auto manufacturers.                                                                                                                     $2.6 M                   2000
  • Shepherd Hardware Products LLC, Three Oaks, MI: 31,000 SF warehouse addition and minor remodel of existing plant facilities under a design/build format.  Facility packages 60 million sets of various hardware, fasteners and casters for retail sale.                                                                                                                  $1.269M                 1999