´╗┐JCS-OREGON is a Veteran Owned Business providing comprehensive Planning, Engineering, and Construction Services for residential, commercial, and Industrial projects´╗┐.  In addition, JCS-OREGON, LLC is certified on the US Government Services Administration System for Awards Management database as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.



Quality is achieved by setting a clear standard for the finished project, developing construction processes and controls that will achieve that desired result, instituting a Quality Control Program that assesses the quality incrementally, and conducting Quality Assurance checks to ensure that the Quality Control program is being implemented correctly.



Integrity on a project is honest stewardship of the Client's resources, meeting schedules, timely and complete communication, and in general conducting our operations in the manner in which we would operate if we owned the project.  The Principals are both Professional Engineers governed by the American Society of Civil Engineers Code of Ethics, and retired US Army Officers with a deep understanding of personal responsibility.